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  • Dating After Divorce “The Crush”

    Dating After Divorce “The Crush”

    By Kenneth Stepp   Ever have a crush? We all have. And with access to social media and the internet in general. They come and they go. They feel real. I would argue that they are real. I suppose the question is. What level of real is it? We meet …Read More »
  • Dating After Divorce “Love Is Safe”

    Dating After Divorce “Love Is Safe”

    By Kenneth Stepp   “When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.” ― Jess C. Scott   I remember when I was a kid. How I felt about my dad was amazing. To me, he was Superman. If he was around. …Read More »
  • Dating After Divorce “Long Long Ago”

    Dating After Divorce “Long Long Ago”

    By Kenneth Stepp   In a land far far away, the time was long long ago… Ah, the fantasy. Going back in time and remembering that person. Then, they appear in real life. An old love from way back when. Someone you just couldn’t get out of your mind. How …Read More »
  • Dating After Divorce “Dark and Light”

    Dating After Divorce “Dark and Light”

    By Kenneth Stepp   If you were raised going to church, like most of us in the south, you have heard the term darkness at some point. It never represents anything good in nature. Well. In other arenas in life, it sits alone as a very bad thing. Dark days …Read More »
  • Dating After Divorce “Life Is Good”

    Dating After Divorce “Life Is Good”

    By Kenneth Stepp   The good life… What does that look like to you? Is it the right house, car, or things? If that’s the case, then winning the lottery or marrying money is what it will take for you to be happy. Well, for a minute. Imagine your dismay …Read More »
  • Dating After Divorce “Winning”

    Dating After Divorce “Winning”

    By Kenneth Stepp   Winning. Not in the context of what Charlie Sheen bragged about as his life and career completely imploded. I mean really winning. If you are over 40 years old and find yourself single again. You probably already know what it’s like to lose. A loss made …Read More »
  • Easter Elation! It’s about Love and a New Beginning!

    Easter Elation! It’s about Love and a New Beginning!

    By April Pendergrass I’m doing a Easter ad and was struggling again with putting bunnies and eggs as the main image,, So I did my usual soul search and research to try and understand what I choose to believe. Easter is a fabulous Holiday,, The emotion I choose to experience …Read More »
  • Being Someone’s Someone…

    Being Someone’s Someone…

    By Kenneth Stepp   Being someone’s someone. To be able to say, I’m taken. Knowing somewhere there is someone missing me when I’m not there. These are wonderful thoughts. And if you are one the same journey I am on. This is the goal. To matter to someone we do …Read More »
  • Dating After Divorce “Knocked Down”

    Dating After Divorce “Knocked Down”

    By Kenneth Stepp   Knocked down? Strange title, I know. I’ll try to unwrap that and make sense out of why I used this title. As a fighter, I have been knocked down and I have knocked a few down myself. When you are on the mat there are two …Read More »
  • Dating After Divorce “It Could Just Work”

    Dating After Divorce “It Could Just Work”

    By Kenneth Stepp   Two people lost at sea. Both tired of being lost. Both tired of living life at sea. I have written at least once before about one of my favorite musicals, Fiddler On The Roof. The main characters were the product of an arranged marriage many years …Read More »
  • Dating After Divorce “Options”

    Dating After Divorce “Options”

    By Kenneth Stepp Options… Aren’t they great? We love options. That’s why they hand you a menu when you walk into a restaurant. You can order anything on it. Feel like shopping? Visit Amazon and the options are endless. Options are fantastic. The more the merrier, right? Well, not so …Read More »
  • The End of Love

    The End of Love

    By Kenneth Stepp   I titled this after a place that doesn’t exist. The end of love is a myth. Love never ends. I was reminded of this today. Love as I always say, endures. It pushes through feelings, things that upset us, and basically, the stuff of life. Intense …Read More »
  • Before You

    Before You

    By Kenneth Stepp   I lived in total darkness before you   I didn’t realize it was dark before you   The darkness was so deep that I could not see tomorrow   One day I walked outside and there you were   You’re brightness hurt my eyes. It was …Read More »
  • Dating After Divorce “Falling Alone”

    Dating After Divorce “Falling Alone”

    By Kenneth Stepp   Finding love. That’s the goal, right? Finding that one person who makes your heart leap. The one that gives you butterflies when you speak. Yep. That person. The one you want to give all of you to. You have finally fallen in love. All that waiting, …Read More »
  • That Moment You Know

    That Moment You Know

    By Kenneth Stepp   Love is one of the most wonderful phenomenons I have ever attempted to understand. I have learned much about it. Of course I have also learned that I have much more to learn. Understanding it has been quite the puzzle. A mystery with layers of mysteries, …Read More »
  • Dating After Divorce “What Did You Say?”

    Dating After Divorce “What Did You Say?”

    By Kenneth Stepp   What did you mean by that? I say it to myself often. In this digital world of many methods of communicating. Meaning get lost fast. Texting, messaging, and emailing are quite impersonal. Looking into a person’s eyes, hearing the way it’s said in their voice. That’s …Read More »
  • When Love Comes

    When Love Comes

      By Kenneth Stepp   Love… That’s the goal most trumpet in the dating arena. Then when it stands in front of them. They freeze. Tpp this or too that, timing is bad, too busy right now, complete confusion takes hold. And it’s grip is painful. I can’t count how …Read More »
  • Love Words

    Love Words

    By Kenneth Stepp   Words. They can be powerful. Powerful in so many ways. They can make you feel so many emotions. Today I have been searching for quotes about love. For me, if I feel any emotion. It is usually longing or the feeling that something huge is missing …Read More »
  • Dating After Divorce “Love Is Kind”

    Dating After Divorce “Love Is Kind”

    By Kenneth Stepp My title says so much more than we might think at first glance. If we love someone. We act on their best interest. So love is in fact, kind. In the dating arena that I see today, the word love is used in a fast and loose …Read More »
  • Then There Was Love…

    Then There Was Love…

    By Kenneth Stepp   Our lives are defined by moments. I remember when my children were born. Each one came, in a moment. These moments I will never forget. I felt a love that my words will ever be adequate to explain. They will always fall short. Then I had …Read More »

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